[°°] Magna vox, Etienne de Liège


An antiphon for the Lambertus vespers, and a famous piece of music in Liège. With the voices of Conor Biggs, Peter Maus, Philippe Souvagie, Govaart Haché, Adriaan De Koster, Paul Schils, Sander Le Roy, Pieter Coene and Hendrik Vanden Abeele (artistic direction).

The antiphon is part of the office for Lambertus, as made by Etienne de Liège.

The manuscript used is Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Ms. 406. The antiphon is on folio 171r and 171v.

Forthcoming album ‘Lambertus’ Le Bricoleur LBCD/02 (March 2012)


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