[°°] Virgineos flores [Beghinae — LBCD/01]

The responsory ‘Virgneos flores’, from a sixteenth century Bruges processionale (ca. 1550).

Chant group Psallentes♀, directed by Hendrik Vanden Abeele.
Singers are Sarah Abrams, Helen Cassano, Lieselot De Wilde, Rozelien Nys, Rein Van Bree, Kerlijne Van Nevel and Veerle Van Roosbroeck.

Live recording of ‘de Begijntjesprocessie’ [the procession of the Beguines], 19th of October 2008 in the Predikherenkerk, Leuven, Belgium (www.30cc.be).
Thanks to Rein Van Bree for the minidisc-recording.

More information on the musical patrimony of Flemish Beguinages in the book edited by Pieter Mannaerts: ‘Beghinae in cantu instructae’, Brepols publishers, 2008.

Check out the CD Beghinae at Le Bricoleur

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