White monks

Photograph by Francesca Phllips
Photograph by Francesca Phllips

[ENG] On our wish list: visiting ‘White Monks – A Life in Shadows’ photography exhibition at Holy Trinity Chruch, Sloane Street, London. Photographs by Francesca Phillips. Born in London but currently living in Spain, Phillips visited three Spanish Trappists monasteries: “With the permission to photograph came several provisos that included, at first, showing no faces at all. Wandering around alone in public areas I was to be as inconspicuous and as sensitive as possible. If accompanied I could go to certain private quarters, but just for a few minutes, and there was to be no talking, as is the rule of the Order. The slightly clandestine nature of it was strangely liberating, seemed entirely natural to my inherent propensity for secrecy. At six o´clock in the morning, in the winter, in the darkness of a 12th Century church, thinking you are alone, only to slowly discover that you are surrounded by twenty, hooded, praying monks – it was a perfect moment of pure theatre.” (francescaphllips.com)

Francesca Phllips also made an excellent documentary on El Silbo, the whistling language of La Gomera. You can watch it here.

Photograph by Francesca Phillips
Photograph by Francesca Phillips

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