[°°] Cordis ac vocis [Beghinae — LBCD/01]

Chant Group Psallentes♀ sings the responsory Cordis ac vocis (fragment)

These are the ‘beguines’ singing: Sarah Abrams, Soetkin Baptist, Katelijne Boon, Rozelien Nys, Marina Smolders, Barbara Somers, Rein Van Bree, Kerlijne Van Nevel, Veerle Van Roosbroeck. Artistic director Hendrik Vanden Abeele.

Artwork by naive artist Hilde Vertommen.

The full cd ‘Beghinae’ is available through Le Bricoleur

One thought on “[°°] Cordis ac vocis [Beghinae — LBCD/01]

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  1. I wonder why in Italy we don’t have a level like that in gregorian chant! they’re great, wonderful, and in Italy we must hear the sistine chapel horror (after cardinal Bartolucci’s time)

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