Wormser Weekend Workshop

Worms REMA Hendrik Vanden Abeele 2019

Had a wonderful weekend in Worms, Germany: gave a plainchant and early polyphony workshop at the REMA-conference. (REMA is a network for Early Music in Europe.) Was happy to share the stage with some wonderful people on Saturday: Catalina Vicens, Benjamin Bagby, Stefan Morent and Ambrose Field. Thank you Albert Edelman (he’s the president of REMA) for the invite! On Saturday night attended a great concert by La Mouvance. Visited the (probably) oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe: Heiliger Sand. On the way back set foot in no less than three German cathedrals (thanks to deliberately long gaps between trains): Worms, Mainz and Köln. So that was a wonderful Wormser weekend — oh and forgot to mention: there was Weißwein!

Nederlandse vertaling: workshop gegeven te Worms. En waarlijk, er was ook witte wijn.

Hendrik Elie Vanden Abeele, 30 september 2019


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