Machaut Kyrie 1 / GB-Cccc Tenor

Guillaume de Machaut (aka Machault) (c1300-1377)
Messe de Notre Dame
Kyrie I

Singers: Rozelien Nys, Jonathan De Ceuster, Paul Schils (triplum); Michiel Haspeslagh, Gunter Claessens, Adriaan De Koster (motetus); Philippe Souvagie, Hendrik Vanden Abeele (tenor); Paul Mertens, Pieter Stas, Sander Le Roy (contra-tenor).

This movie is part of a series of movies where Psallentes sings Machaut’s Kyrie I. In related movies, each of the four voices can be followed in detail through different manuscripts. The audio is always the same. (More to come soon.)

GB-Cccc stands for Great Britain, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College. This library has this Machaut manuscript on loan, it is actually better known as the Ferrell-Vogüé manuscript, which is in the private collection of James E. and Elizabeth J. Ferrell. A facsimile edition has been planned (…). It is a beautiful manuscript from the fourteenth century, and it may have been made for (or was at least in the collection of) the Count of Foix. Consulted via (where you can take a look at the whole manuscript).

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