[PRESS] Missa Transfigurationis

Review MusicWeb Psallentes Missa Transfigurationis

[ENG] “Psallentes’ singing on this CD is unfussy, purposeful, directed, technically unostentatious and polished.” & “It’s singing full of dedication, sincerity and colour.” & “Intimacy takes second place to certainty and to gentle force in delivery.” & “This is glorious music of interesting provenance sung with just the right balance of attack and sensitivity.” So, nice words by Mark Sealey on MusicWeb International. Read more here.

[NL] Mooie recensie op MusicWeb International, van onze jongste cd bij Musique en Wallonie: Missa Transfigurationis. O ja, ‘unostentatious’, dat betekent volgens Van Dale ‘beheerst, rustig, zonder veel vertoon, niet schreeuwerig’. Voor de andere woorden in de recensie: klik hier.

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