[°°] B-Gu Ms 15 Antiphonary Walkthrough #058 f28v

This page from our 1481 antiphoner holds a series of antiphons for the Matins of Saint John in the most classical of orders: 1st antiphon in 1st mode, 2nd antiphon in 2nd mode etc. Sixth antiphon (so, in sixth mode) will be compared with a version of the same in the thirteenth-century Antiphonarium Massiliense. Great!

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[°°] B-Gu Ms 15 Antiphonary Walkthrough #050 f24v

So, we have arrived at episode 50 of the Antiphonary Walkthrough, which calls for a kind of celebration. Watch us rehearse a few lines from f24v. Thanks to colleagues present: Paul Mertens, Rozelien Nys, Jonathan De Ceuster, Paul Schils, Adriaan De Koster, Michiel Haspeslagh, Philippe Souvagie, Sander Leroy, Pieter Stas, Gunter Claessens.

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