Nieuwe site [NL]


Met trots kondigen we je de geboorte aan van onze nieuwe site. We hopen dat je een fijne tijd beleeft op deze site. “Please subscribe”!

De site werd gemaakt met het Basic Maths thema.


Psallentes New Site screenshot

New site [ENG]


We are glad to announce the birth of our new site. We hope you enjoy the time you spend here, and we hope to see you back soon. Please subscribe.

The site has been constructed with the Basic Maths Theme

Chant group Psallentes

Psallentes New Site screenshot

Requiem for a site [ENG]

With a new site coming up very soon, we say goodbye to the old school black and red site that we have used since 2009. That site was made to our instructions at the design bureau apple-n in Antwerp, with thanks to Dirk Rodts.

The concept was based on the notion that ‘black is beautiful’, and that a combination of black and red is not only stylish but could also point towards the majuscules appearing throughout manuscripts that we have been using to sing from.

But now, only two and a half years on, we have decided that we should move away from a more static site towards a more dynamic and personalised blog-style site. To accomplish that goal, we have opted for wordpress.

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