[°°] Benedicamus Domino

Chant group Psallentes rehearsing a recording of ‘Benedicamus Domino’ in Park Abbey, Heverlee, Belgium. The director with the somewhat silly movements is Hendrik Vanden Abeele, the singers with their somewhat/sometimes silly faces are (from left to right) Paul Schils, Philippe Souvagie, Lieven Deroo and Conor Biggs.

[°°] Te invocamus [Etienne de Liège – RIC249]

Chant group Psallentes consists of six professional singers, presenting a vivid performance of fifteenth century chant. Here you can listen to the antiphon ‘Te invocamus’ while watching the same in the original manuscript (B-Gu 15/1: an antiphoner from the Abbey of Bavo in Ghent, 1481). There is a small element of kitsch involved as well – why not. This is from the cd ‘Etienne de Liège – In festo sanctissimae Trinitatis’ RIC 249. Buy the cd at http://www.ricercar.be

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